New Mural hits Times Square!

Photo Credit NASDAQ

Sausalito Animal Hospital recently joined forces with Covetrus. As a result, Covetrus shared their passion and commitment for animal health with the world! For over an hour, images from their partners — hundreds of veterinary practitioners from across the globe — rotated on the big screen in Times Square and online.

Photo credit to NASDAQ.


We’re so excited we got a mural for the outside of the Sausalito Animal Hospital Wall. According to Dr. Ray, he’s always wanted a mural on the wall and this one depicts some of the dogs that were part of the staff’s lives.

To the left is Tracker, a rescued pit bull that was one of Dr. Ray’s loves. Next to Tracker sits Dr. Ray and Bubba another rescued pit bull. Next to Dr. Ray and Bubba is Beatriz DeAlba, receptionist/tech in training and then Leather, Hospital Manager for 30 years! Tucked to the right is the Baby the cat. Baby’s owner died and SAH has been successfully treating her lung cancer for 4 years.

The mural was done by a client’s daughter and we just love it! CLICK on the images for a larger look!

From left to right, Tracker, Dr. Ray, Bubba, Beatriz, Leather, Baby & Scout

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