Senior Wellness Check Package

As pets approach their “Senior Years,” it is the time to become more concerned with the early diagnosis and detection of internal problems that are not readily apparent on routine physical examination. As an example, without appropriate screening, we would not be able to diagnose diabetes, liver or kidney disease, bladder problems, or other serious problems like heart disease. Unfortunately, these problems are in the very advanced stages before clinical signs can be observed. Much damage is already done.

Senior Wellness Package Includes the following:

    • Full Exam
    • CBC (complete blood count)
    • Thyroid Test (T4)
    • Urinalysis
    • Chemistry Panel
    • X-Ray’s – Chest and Abdomen (if needed)
    • 4dx (Heartworm, Anaplasma, Lyme and Ehrlichia)

Your pet has reached it’s “senior years” once it has reached the following ages:

Small Dogs – (under 20 lbs) 9yrs
Medium Dogs – (21 – 50 lbs) 9 yrs
Large Dogs – (51 – 90 lbs) 7.5 yrs
Giant Dogs – (over 90 lbs) – 6 yrs
Most Cats – 8 yrs

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